We believe we have hit the convenience- and - value sweet spot for many of our customers. Larry's is located on a busy highway just 1.5 miles east from the center of Poland Ohio and less than 2 miles from the Pennsylvania line and has created a one stop shop for most people.

Larry's Has your favorite beers on tap for on premise drinking or to take home in a 32 or 64 oz growler. We have growlers to purchase if you don't have one.

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You know it's that Holiday Time when...

Beaujolais Nouveau Appears!!

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Here at Larry's

ON TAP, 12 oz  BOTTLES and 6 pks

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Great Lakes Christmas Ale



Kegs, Kegs and more Kegs....

We have a large selection of kegs for any occasion. With a small deposit and pre-ordering any party will be unique. See our full list for more information




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MONDAY - TUESDAY     9:00 AM   TO 10:00 PM  11:00 AM   TO    9:00 PM  11:00 AM TO 10:00 PM
 WEDNESDAY    9:00 AM   TO 10:00 PM  11:00 PM   TO  10:00 PM  11:00 AM TO  10:00 PM
THURSDAY     9:00 AM   TO 10:00 PM  11:00 AM  TO   10:00 PM  11:00 AM  TO  10:00 PM
 FRIDAY    9:00 AM   TO 11:00 PM  11:00 AM  TO   11:00 PM  10:00 AM  TO  11:00 PM
SATURDAY    9:00 AM   TO 11:00 PM  11:00 AM  TO   11:00 PM  10:00 AM  TO  11:00 PM
 SUNDAY   10:00 AM  TO   9:00 PM  11:00 AM  TO     6:00 PM   10:00 AM  TO   9:00 PM

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